Meteor Gacha

Jun 08, 2021

Meteor Gacha

Time: 06/15-06/21

Meteor Gacha is here! Great bang for your buck!


June 15, 05:00 - June 23, 05:00, 2021


1. Players with an account level of 13 or above can take part in the Meteor Gacha event. 

2. Complete daily quests to obtain free Gacha Tokens. More Gacha Tokens are available via event exchange and buying packs. 

3. Each Meteor can be used to draw one reward from the Gacha. 

4. Using multiple Meteors at once will immediately draw several rewards that are issued together. 

5. Unused Meteors won't be removed and can be saved to use in future Meteor Gacha events. 

6. During this event, reaching certain Gacha draw milestones grants you additional chest rewards. 

7. The Gacha can be used 100 times per day and resets at 05:00.

 [Drop Rates]

 1. Saint Card - 9% 

2. Advanced Flower Box - 21% 

3. Refine Stone - 25% 

4. Refine Lock - 21% 

5. Skin Activation Stone - 12% 

6. Skill Empowerment Stone - 12%


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