Unicorn Jabu

May 18, 2019

Unicorn Jabu

CV: Kimura Ryouhei

Rating: A

Role: AoE Wipeout, God Beast Gallop


       Ever since he was young, he has been fascinated by Saori Kido and followed her around. He often gets into disagreements with Seiya, and wishes to settle things once and for all at the Galactic Duel.


Skill Analysis

Unicorn Fist: Basic attack, 0 cost


Deals 100% (105%/110%/115%/120%) P.DMG to 1 enemy. Is affected by his passive and deals extra damage against units with less than 40% HP.

Ancient Consonance: Single-target attack, 2 cost


Attack 1 enemy 3 times, each attack dealing 60% (65%/70%/75%/80%) P.DMG for a total of 180% (195%/210%/225%/240%) damage. Is affected by his passive and deals extra damage against units with less than 40% HP.

Unicorn Gallop: AoE attack, 2 cost


Deals 80% (85%/90%) P.DMG to all enemies. If this skill kills an enemy, it will be triggered again at 0 cost (can trigger multiple times). Is affected by his passive and deals extra damage against units with less than 40% HP.

Passive skill - Power Over Health, 0 cost


When Jabu attacks targets with less than 40% HP, he deals an extra 22% (24%/26%/28%/30%) damage.


As a class A Saint given to new players for free, Jabu has pretty decent damage output. He is also a very good choice for landing killing blows and is very good at farming maps. He is strong during early game, but falls short in the late game due to his SPD and HP.



Red: Physical Stone (P.ATK & P.DEF)

Yellow: Tenacity (P.DEF & HP)

Blue: Staunch (Crit Level)


Special Cosmo: Daffodil (gain 1% P.ATK for every 1% of your missing HP)


Jabu is a Saint who excels at landing killing blows. Firstly, he needs to last until the other team’s Saints are getting low on HP, which is why we choose Tenacity as his yellow Cosmo, to increase his survivability. Physical Stone and Staunch increases his attack and crit. We use Daffodil as his Special Cosmo, which is more forgiving than King Giant, and is extremely strong in the late game.


Thoughts regarding Unicorn Jabu:

June + Marin protects the team from being taken down during the early rounds, and helps them last longer. They are very strong at dealing with lineups focusing on single-target attacks. They are weak against AoE but that can be remedied by other characters. June is a core member and should act as quick as possible. Aldebaran is a very powerful single-target attacker, and Jabu should look for chances to get killing blows, thereby using his passive skill to trigger multiple Unicorn Gallops.

For example:




Jabu is a strong damage dealer, but he is very squishy. Compared to other damage dealers, he has low defenses, HP and SPD. If you think the enemy Jabu is dangerous, just focus him down.


Galactic Duel (Lionet Ban): P.ATK +1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%.

Unmatched Footwork (Hound Asterion, Eagle Marin): HP +1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%.

Galaxian Wars (Andromeda Shun, Seiya): P.ATK +1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%.

Protecting Saori (Hydra Ichi, Wolf Nachi, Bear Geki): HP +1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%.

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