Guide for Clearing Elemental Sanctuary on Easy

Apr 12, 2019

Guide for Clearing Elemental Sanctuary on Easy

After clearing Titan Temple floor 8, it becomes possible to challenge the Elemental Sanctuary, where the newest Cosmo in the game will drop.



However, the difficulty is much greater than that of Titan Temple floor 8.

So here follows a few strategies for how to complete Elemental Sanctuary on Easy.

1. Saints


To be honest, the Saints you select don't really matter, but they do need to be of quite high levels. It is recommended to level up your Saints to level 70, and then equip them with +8 Tenacity or Dual Defense to make sure they have enough HP to survive. If you're still worried about not surviving, you can add June to your lineup, making the fight much more stable.

I would recommend the following lineup: Chameleon June + Sextans Luna + Cepheus Daidalos + Scylla Io + Sagittarius Aiolos + Eagle Marin

(Of course, the only one who cannot be switched out is Marin; all other Saints can be exchanged) But remember, your party must consist of both physical and cosmic damage dealers!

2. Training Skills



This instance's boss will apply burn to all of your Saints at the start of the battle, and then Firebird Ikki uses his AoE and eliminates your entire team. However, his SPD is 100. Which is why all of your Saints should have more than 100 SPD, making them act before Ikki.

3. Cosmo

There aren't really any requirements for their Cosmo, just use your normal ones and you should be fine.

4. Battle

Whatever lineup you choose, you should be wary of the following:

    a.     Begin by focusing down Firebird Ikki. To focus him down, use June + Io, or June + Milo, or Seiya's Weaken debuff + another damage dealer, or even                 silence him with Black Cultist.

    b.     Mid battle, the boss will summon other monsters such as cranes, bears, etc. When that happens, be sure to focus them down as quickly as possible.

    c.     The boss will also apply a [cost increase] debuff to your strongest damage dealer, which will force you to think more carefully about how to spend your                 energy.

    d.     Remember to leave 1 energy each round for Marin's skill.

    e.     When one of the bosses drops to below 50% HP, the left boss (fire) will become immune to physical attacks and the right one (ice) will become immune to             cosmic attacks.

    f.     When one boss drops to 0 HP, it will recover HP equal to an average of the other boss' HP. So, just focus your damage on the two bosses.

    g.     When one boss drops to the ground, you have to kill the other during the same round, otherwise the one you kill first will revive. But don't worry, when                 facing a boss without HP, Marin can take out the one immune to physical damage with a single hit.




As a final note, be sure to keep track of the rounds that are displayed in the top-right corner. You have to kill the bosses during the allotted rounds.

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