Guide for Clearing Titan Temple Floors 8-10

Apr 12, 2019

Guide for Clearing Titan Temple Floors 8-10

I. Titan Temple Floor 8

After reaching Titan Temple floor 8, SS class Cosmo will begin to drop. But, it is also a step up in difficulty, and many who enter find themselves getting instakilled by three AoEs from the Titan + Saga + Aiolia. So here follows a few strategies for how to complete Titan Temple floor 8.

1. Recommended lineup: Black Cultist + Chameleon June + Sextans Luna + Cepheus Daidalos + Eagle Marin + Pisces Aphrodite

Aphrodite, as your main damage dealer, should be level 70+, and your other Saints should be at least 

5-Star level 60+ with at least +4 Cosmo. They should also have at least 12,000 HP. The most important thing is being able to survive the first round's AoE from the Titan + Saga. If you lose Saints or get stunned, you might want to just restart.


2. Cosmo

All Saints should have [Tenacity] of at least +4 so that you can survive the onslaught. For other Cosmo, well, the stronger the better. For Saints that are not yet well trained, you can use Hephaestus' Armor to increase their survivability, and your team should have at least one Marsh Fairy as well.

1) Speedy Black Cultist: Use New Moon as the SPD Cosmo. Black Cultist has an initial SPD of 363, and Aiolia has a SPD of 385, that's why we need to increase the Black Cultist's SPD a bit.

2) Speedy June: June is there to make sure that your crowd-controlled Saints do not get instakilled by Aiolia's basic attack, and to mitigate the damage of the boss' attack in the second round. So, we recommend that her SPD be higher than Aiolia's 385. That's why we need to equip her with Star Cosmo which has the New Moon set attributes; for Legendary Cosmo, you can choose either Mandala or Hephaestus' Armor.

3) Speedy Luna: Her basic Cosmo should increase her HP and survivability. Marsh Fairy should be equipped as her Legendary Cosmo.

4) Speedy Daidalos: He should be equipped with Hyacinth to reduce the boss' attack power.

5) Speedy Marin: Laurel Tree increases her healing.

6) Speedy Aphrodite: Silver Dragon is great for increasing her damage.


3. Battle

After you have withstood the Titan and Saga's AoEs without anyone dying (if someone dies, you should increase their HP). Neither Black Cultist nor Marin should be crowd controlled before you start with the next step; if either one is, then you need to restart.

Luna should buff Daidalos, reducing the boss' attack power twice; Marin should heal up the party to full; and Aphrodite can just use a normal attack.

Tip: Using this tactic during the first round will leave you with one energy remaining. This can be remedied by making certain changes to your party. For example, if you've trained him enough, you can change Daidalos' Hyacinth for a Roc; this will enable him to use more energy thereby clearing the instance quicker. During later rounds when you have more energy, you can simply repeat the above sequence endlessly.


4. Replacing Saints

1) Black Cultist can be exchanged for Xiaoling. She can take away energy from the enemy team during the first round, with the goal of rendering Saga and Aiolia unable to use skills.

2) Luna can be exchanged for any other Saint you have trained, because Daidalos doesn't necessarily have to act twice during every round.

3) If you have trained Marin high enough that she can fully heal your party's HP every round, then you can also switch out Daidalos for another damage dealing or crowd control Saint, making you able to clear the instance faster.

4) Aphrodite can be replaced with another damage dealer, for example Milo, Io, Seiya, Golden Arrow Seiya, Shura, etc.

5) If you can kill a monster within two rounds using Shaina + Ichi coupled with Xiaoling, you can use them as your main damage dealers. 


II. Titan Temple Floor 9

If you have cleared floor 8 using this lineup, then it'll also be of great help for floor 9. Compared to floor 8, there are two main difficulties on floor 9:

1) One of the perfect clear conditions: Finish the battle within 7 rounds.

2) Aphrodite's burst damage. Saori can freeze and silences aren't of much use, and both Saori and Titan can revive.

So, when dealing with floor 9, we have to make sure we have enough damage to finish in 7 rounds. Our core damage dealers should be at least level 70 with Cosmo of at least 8+ (this, of course, depends on your lineup). Furthermore, June and Marin are must-haves. They guarantee that you can deal stable damage without losing Saints. Black Cultist and Xiaoling aren't very useful for floor 9 so they can be switched out.

We're facing Aphrodite, and we have a few options for how to deal with her:

1) Shun: Shun's crowd controls last for a few rounds and you don't have to worry about them being purified, however, the enemy's Skill Res is quite high. This is why we have to increase Shun's Inflict Status Chance.

2) Luna + Daidalos. Aphrodite's burst damage usually becomes apparent during later rounds, so we can use Luna + Daidalos to reduce her attack power, making Aphrodite unable to dish out her damage later. You should note that the attack power Daidalos saps from Aphrodite cannot be purified by Saori. However, the effect of Daffodil can. That's why you might want to use another Cosmo for Daidalos, such as Roc.

3) We have the option to completely ignore Saori, using a team more focused on single-target damage to first take down the Titan and Aphrodite. For example, Seiya with his weaken.

4) For damage, I'd recommend using Isaak and Io. That's because summoned units are great tanks against the random attacks of Aphrodite's roses. In addition, Io also has a basic chance to stun and enough single-target burst damage, making him a great backup for your damage slots.

Tip: When Aphrodite's HP drops low, Saori will use her Blessed Victory on her, so if you focus down Aphrodite, be sure to finish her off. Otherwise, she'll survive with low HP and be healed fully on the second round. If you can't take her down in one round, you should use Daidalos or Shun to reduce her damage, after which you can take down Saori and then the Titan. Once those two are dead, you can easily finish off Aphrodite.


III. Titan Temple Floor 10

The Titan's two assist Saints for this floor are Shion and Aiolos, both of whom have very high single-target damage. The Titan is also able to revive them, which means you have to finish the battle quickly. To do this, you need extremely high single-target damage to take out your main target—Shion. The recommendation for floor 10 is to have your entire lineup at level 75+, which isn't all that easy for many to achieve. So, I'll recommend a lineup which can finish the battle at level 70 or even lower. Before I begin with explaining the lineup, we'll have to understand the boss and the skills of his aides.


The Boss' Main Skills

Titan Temple Floor 10 Boss Mountain Blast (used on the first round) Titan's Light

Deals 100% physical damage to all enemies and stuns 1 random enemy. Deals 80% physical damage to all enemies and revives all dead teammates.

The boss is immune to crowd controls, and will use Mountain Blast on the first and third rounds. The boss' damage is high, so it is recommended to use Daidalos to reduce its damage.

Aries Shion

(485 SPD) Stardust Revolution Crystal Robe (used on the first round)

Deals 400% cosmic damage to one enemy (on Titan floor 10). Adds a shield to all friendly units lasting one round.

Shion's passive makes him recover 32% of his Max HP if he kills an enemy, so it's best to take him down first (within 2 rounds).

Sagittarius Aiolos (385 SPD) Atomic Thunder Bolt (Basic Attack) Golden Arrows

Deals 100% physical damage to 1 enemy. Deals 420% physical damage to 1 enemy.

Aiolos' single-target damage is very high, so it's recommended to use June to make your party share damage. This way, you can take care of Shion first and then defeat Aiolos.


When tackling Titan Temple floor 10, I recommend the lineup below, especially if you enjoy challenging the limits. You will probably have to try several times as the tolerance for errors is very low, but with a strategic mind it is possible. If you're worried about failing, you can of course train this lineup further before taking on floor 10.


1. Lineup: Chameleon June + Cepheus Daidalos + Sextans Luna + Pegasus Seiya + Scorpio Milo + Eagle Marin


For damage, use Milo at level 70+. Your other Saints should be at least 5-Star of level 60+. Your Saints should also have an HP pool of at least 17,000, and you should have enough P.DEF to survive the first round without losing anyone.

As the boss and Aiolos both deal physical damage, I recommend using the Lunar Cosmo [Tenacity] for all your basic Cosmo, which grants you both P.DEF and HP. They should be intensified to at least 8+, and you'd do good by enchanting them for a bit of extra attributes. Your main supports will be June + Daidalos + Luna. To avoid having teammates killed by Aiolos, you should be above his SPD which is 385. Therefore, all of your Saints need to use the [New Moon] set. Seiya mainly acts as a support, but also deals a bit of damage, so you can use [Staunch] for his Star Cosmo. As your main damage dealer, Milo should also have [Staunch]. Your healer, Marin, must be equipped with [Book of Healing].

Legendary Cosmo: June and Seiya should use Mandala to increase their survivability. As there are no heavy energy spenders in the lineup, Daidalos should use Roc. Luna should be using Marsh Fairy as a substitute for Kiki. Chain of Hephaestus is great on Milo to further increase his damage. Equipping Marin with Laurel Tree further increases her healing.


2. Battle Breakdown

Round one: June uses her Vines•Growth to bind your party together. Daidalos should reduce the boss' attack power. Depending on your party's HP, Luna can be used to strengthen Marin's healing, if required. If Marin can fully heal your party by herself, Luna should buff Milo instead. Seiya and Milo attack Shion with basic attacks and Marin makes sure your party is at full HP. Tip: Milo and Seiya can afford to be crowd controlled during the first round, but if any other member is stunned, then just reset the instance.

Round two: June uses her Vines•Growth to bind your party together. Daidalos should reduce the boss' attack power. Luna buffs Milo. Seiya attacks with basic attack or weakens Shion. Use Milo's 4 attack combo to instakill Shion (Shion has to die, otherwise you're in trouble). Marin makes sure your party is at full HP.

Round three: Just repeat the same thing, but you let Milo focus down Aiolos instead. As Daidalos has been reducing the boss' attack power, it won't be that dangerous any more.

Round four: Focus down and kill the Titan. If Milo isn't able to finish off Shion during the above steps, then you need to restart the instance. This'll give you a perfect clear.



3. Another possible lineup: Chameleon June + Cepheus Daidalos + Sextans Luna + Pegasus Seiya + Golden Arrow Seiya + Eagle Marin

This lineup uses much the same strategy as the first one, but Milo is replaced with another Saint. However, that Saint might need to have a higher training level than Milo. For example, you'll need a 6-Star, level 80 Golden Arrow Seiya. High-level supports are also needed for it to work.

Starting from floor 8, you won't be able to simply rely on high attributes to clear it any more. AoE Saints like Saga and Aiolia are gradually removed from top-tier lineups, and high single-target burst Saints such as Milo, Golden Arrow Seiya and Aiolos are switched in. Their massive single-target damage is very important for high-level instances. Shaina + Ichi can also serve as a great single-target damage combo. Marin's AoE heals are also vital for instances.

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