Guide for Clearing Titan Temple Floor 7

Apr 12, 2019

Guide for Clearing Titan Temple Floor 7

1. Floors:

Titan + Sea Dragon Kanon + Aquarius Camus

The Titan has 600 SPD, Kanon has 435, and Camus has 335.

The Titan will begin the battle using [Mountain Blast] as before, which deals 100% physical damage to all enemies and stuns 1 random enemy. Compared to Saga with 435 SPD from floor 6, Kanon is much easier to handle. He will randomly use one of his two 4-cost skills. One is a single-target attack, and one is a single-target crowd control. The damage isn't all that high, and you can deal with it by training your Saints.


2. Strategy:

A. The Titan, with its 600 SPD, will cast an AoE first. As usual, it is recommended to bring a healer.

B. As for the 435 SPD Kanon, it depends on your lineup. If you can withstand his single-target damage, there's no need to crowd control him, and then you can simply focus down the Titan. He won't use his damage skill every round anyway, as he might just as well use his crowd control. One thing to take note of though, if you kill Kanon by mistake, he'll turn into a Saga with low HP, and we all know just how powerful his ultimate can be. This is why we recommend you focus down the Titan first.

C. As for the 335 SPD Camus, he has low SPD so he won't really have any energy to spend during the two first rounds, during which he'll just use his basic attack. He'll start using random skills from round 3 and onward. Camus' skills all cost 2 energy, and they don't deal very high damage.

D. As a general rule, your best bet for floor 7 is to focus on the Titan.

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