How to make the most of your Stamina

May 21, 2019

How to make the most of your Stamina

    In the early stages, you'll feel as if you have enough Stamina. But as you unlock new game content and progress further in the game, you find yourself running out of Stamina quite frequently. That's why you need to make the most of it, so read this introduction to find out how to make the most out of your Stamina.

How to Obtain Stamina:

1. It recovers slowly over time.

2. Purchase with Diamonds.

    You can buy Stamina with Diamonds, which is simple but effective. You can only buy Stamina a certain number of times each day, and it becomes more expensive with each purchase.



3. Via Grand Pope's Treasures

You can obtain a great deal of Stamina by excavating basic treasures. Each scroll grants you 10 Stamina.



4. Claim Stamina by being online on full hours.

You can claim Stamina every noon and evening for free. If you miss it, you can always spend a small amount of Diamonds to get it.



5. Training Arena

Defeating all opponents of a wave grants you a 9 victory chest, which contains 20 Stamina.



6. Purchase Store Packs

Store Packs containing Stamina are available as limited-time offers in the Pack Shop.



7. Training Grounds Storage

When your Stamina is capped, a certain percent of the Stamina you gain will be stored in your Training Grounds, and can be collected when needed.

Stamina Usages:

1. Challenge story and bonus story instances:

Every time you clear a chapter, you will unlock its bonus story, which can be accessed through Campaign. There are 6 enemies in each Bonus Story instance. Successfully defeating 1 enemy costs 6 Stamina, while failing a battle costs 1.


(Bonus Instance)

2. Interacting with Saints:

After successfully completing a Saint Quests Demons Battle, you can interact with that Saint. Each interaction costs 6 Stamina and each Saint can be interacted with 3 times per day.

3. Dimensional Space (Awakening Material Instance):

Challenging Dimensional Space costs 6 Stamina per time and it grants Seventh Sense Awakening materials.


(Dimensional Space)

4. Titan Temple (Cosmo Material Instance):

Challenging Titan Temple costs 6 Stamina per time and it grants Cosmo.


(Titan Temple)

5. Ancient Ruins (EXP Instance):

Challenging Ancient Ruins costs 6 Stamina per time and it grants Saint EXP Potions and Account Experience.

6. Opportunity Instances:

The Invasion of the Underworld instances appear at random and they costs 30 Stamina to challenge. They grant huge amount of rewards, but Chronos Stamina cannot be used.

Recommended Stamina usage:

    During the early stages of the game, it's preferable to just follow the main story. Use Stamina to quickly level up your account and Saint EXP Potions to level up your Saints. When you find it hard to level up by only doing the main story, you can try farming Ancient Ruins (unlocks when you complete "The Battle for the Gold Cloth" story). If the enemies prove too powerful for you, then you need to level up your Saints to Enlighten and Awaken them. To do that, you have to farm Dimensional Space which grants Awakening Material.

    When leveling up and awakening Saints is no longer enough to beat new content, you should consider farming Cosmo. Finding high-level Cosmo and socketing them to your Saints greatly improves their attributes.

Stamina usage:

    Leveling up your account and unlocking new game content should be your main focus early on. That's why you should spend Stamina in the following order: Story & Bonus Instances > Ancient Ruins > Dimensional Space > Titan Temple.

    During the mid and late game when you have a few Saints to choose from, the focus moves toward increasing their combat ability instead. Then you should spend Stamina in the following order: Titan Temple > Ancient Ruins > Story & Bonus Story Instances > Dimensional Space.

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