Cosmo Sets

May 21, 2019

Cosmo Sets

    Cosmo are the source of a Saint’s power. Socketing a Cosmo to a Saint greatly increases its attributes. Cosmo are unlocked upon reaching Level 21. There are four types of Cosmo: Solar, Lunar, Star and Legendary.

    Solar Cosmo are red, and they mainly increase a Saint’s offensive attributes.

    Lunar Cosmo are yellow, and they mainly increase a Saint’s defensive attributes.

    Star Cosmo are blue, and they mainly increase a Saint’s SPD, Inflict Status Chance, and Skill Res.

    Legendary Cosmo grant basic attributes and special battle effects.

    Cosmo have main attributes as well as random bonus attributes. These bonus attributes can be randomized by Enchanting, whereas the main attributes cannot be changed.

Cosmo Sets:

Each Cosmo set consists of nine Cosmo. These nine are divided up into three colors, each color consisting of three Cosmo. When a Saint has three Cosmo of the same type socketed (not affected by quality), set attributes will become activated, granting even more attributes.



The attributes of every Cosmo Set are different. Most increase attack or HP by a certain percent or SPD by a specific value. Specific set attributes cannot be changed. Attribute bonuses are not affected by specific values or quality.


(Eagle Eye Set Activation)

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