New Player Guide: Recommended Daily Content

May 21, 2019

Recommended Daily Content

1. Main story, bonus story and Saint quests grant Diamonds, Cosmo and Saint Shards.

    The main story and bonus story make up the game’s main content. Pushing further in these unlocks new content and grants both Diamonds and Advanced Astral Gems. Bonus story instances also drop various Cosmo. Saint quests becomes available after completing bonus stories. Doing Saint quests grant corresponding Saint Shards. Doing so costs Stamina but there is no limit to the number of times a quest can be completed.


(Saint Quest)

2. The experience instance Ancient Ruins grants Saint EXP Potions and Account EXP.

    The Ancient Ruins is the best way in which to level up your Saints and account. Clearing it unlocks the Startrail function, which makes completing it less of a grind. Increasing your Account Level unlocks more content. Leveling up your Saints makes it possible to Enlighten and/or Awaken them. It costs Stamina to complete the Ancient Ruins, but there is no limit to the number of times it can be completed.


(Epic Ruins)

3. Titan Temple and Dimensional Space grants Cosmo and Awakening materials.

    Titan Temple grants Cosmo and it unlocks at Level 21. Dimensional Space grants Seventh Sense Awakening material and unlocks when you complete story chapter 4. These two types of materials are important for training your Saints. Titan Temple and Dimensional Space cost Stamina but there is no limit to the number of times it can be completed.


(Dimensional Space)

4. Daily Bounty grants enchanting locks, enchanting stones, Gold and Cosmo.

    This game content can be accessed from the Daily menu. You can do it once per day and it resets at 05:00 every day. Requires a team to challenge and grants enchanting locks, enchanting stones, Gold and Cosmo. This does not cost Stamina.



5. Grand Pope's Treasures grants Stamina, Diamonds Cosmo and High-level Saint Shards.

    Grand Pope's Treasures is divided up into Advanced and Normal. Spending Treasure Maps to enter Common Treasures rewards you with Diamond and Stamina. Advanced Orders requires energy resources but it rewards Diamonds, advanced Common Treasures and Saint Shards. There is no limit to the number of times you can participate or the amount of resources you spend on this mode.



(Advanced Grand Pope's Treasures)

6. Mystical Treasures grants Diamonds, Gold and Saint Shards 2 times a day.

The Saint’s Gold Mine grants Diamonds and Saint Shards. It can be done twice per day and doesn’t cost any Stamina.


(Mystical Treasures)

7. Trials of Athena

Complete solo stages up to five times per day for Growth Tomes, Exp Potions, Cosmo, Diamonds and Gold. This does not cost Stamina.


(Trials of Athena)

8. Legions (unlocks upon joining a legion)

1. Legion Aid: You can acquire the Saints you dream off by exchanging Saint Shards with other legion members through Legion Aid.

2. Legion Commissions: Dispatch Saints in this idle mode to complete commissions for great rewards.

3. Legion Instance: Legion members can join together and challenge the Twelve Temples after which great rewards will be sent by mail         every day.

4. Legion Rewards: Collect rewards to open Legion Chests for great rewards.

5. Legion Boss: Legion members can join together and assault bosses from Another Dimension for rare item rewards.

9. Arena Battles

    Enter PvP from either the Lobby or the Town. PvP grants you Diamonds and Honor. Honor can be exchanged for rare items in the Honor Shop.

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