Obtaining Currencies

May 21, 2019

Obtaining Currencies


The most precious currency in the game. Can be used to purchase most items. You can either buy them, or earn them through a variety of game content, quests and events.

1. Buying: This is the easiest and fastest way to obtain Diamonds. You enjoy a 200% bonus on your first purchase (buy one get one free). The entrance can be found at Lobby -> Mall -> Diamonds.



2. Buying the Graude Foundation Level Fund: By purchasing the Level Fund for ¥30, you will receive a 500% rebate in the form of collectible Diamonds numbering 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 when you reach level 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 respectively. The Level Fund can be purchased at any time but can only be bought once per player. There is no time limit on claiming the rewards. The entrance is at Lobby -> Event -> Graude Foundation Level Fund.



3. Buying a Diamond rebate card: There is a Monthly Card - 30 days (exclusive avatar frame (permanent) + 50 Diamonds, 10,000 Gold per day) and a Weekly Card - 7 days (220 Diamonds per day + Diamonds Gift Box and other rewards). All rewards are sent by mail every day at 05:00.



4. Saint Arena is one of the main sources of Diamonds. Rewards are given at 21:00 every night according to your ranking on that day.

5. Galactic Duel is one of the main sources of Diamonds. Rewards are given weekly according to your division.

6. The 9 victory chests in the Training Arena also contain quite a few Diamonds.

7. Advanced Grand Pope's chests have decent chance of containing Diamonds.

8. Partaking in Mystical Treasures is also a good source of Diamonds.

9. Legion content are also great sources of Diamonds.

10. Completing Achievements is another great source of Diamonds.

11. You also gain Diamonds the first time you complete Stories and Bonus Stories.

12. Participating in PvP content and reaching higher divisions is also a great source of Diamonds.

13. Other special events.


Gold is the most common currency in the game. Mainly obtained via the following ways:

1. Mystical Treasures

Can be entered 2 times per day. Partying up with friends grants you a better chance for greater rewards. You receive rewards according your points at the end of each instance. Getting more points grants you more Gold.

2. Training Arena

You can earn a large amount of Gold from the weekly Training Arena quests. You can complete up to 39 quests per week. Each quest grants Gold, and completing all of them grants you a fine sum. Don't forget to do your Training Arena quests if you are short on Gold.

3. Daily Training

Daily Training quests can be carried out 4 times per day. Each quest grants you a considerable amount of Gold. Higher rated quests with more stars yield bigger rewards. Completing all of them also grants you an additional reward.

4. Legion Commissions

Some Legion Commission quests grant Gold rewards and completing these rewards you with substantial sums of Gold. Their rewards are random though, so whether you get Gold or not is up to your luck.

5. Quiz

World Quiz will be available from time to time, and you will receive some Gold for correct answers. There is also Shaka's Quiz every Sunday. While the reward of a single question is not great, but it does add up.

6. Kiki's Touch

Exchange a small amount of Diamonds for Gold. The amount of Diamonds needed increases with each exchange.



7. Recycling Cosmo

If you have more Cosmo than needed, but are lacking Gold, it's worth considering recycling the ones you don't need. The amount of Gold you receive depends on the Cosmo's quality.

8. Saint Arena

You gain 2 points every time you win a battle in the Saint Arena. Point rewards often grant Gold rewards, so that's another great way to get it.

Legion Contribution Tokens:

Can be obtained in all kinds of Legion-related game content. Legion Tokens can be exchanged for all kinds of powerful Buff items in the Legion Shop.

Legion Tokens can be obtained from the following game content:

1. Weekly Legion Quests.

2. Opening the daily Legion Chest.

3. Donate Shards or materials to other players in Legion Aid.

4. Participate in Legion Instance.

5. Participate in the Legion Boss.



Challenge Tokens:

1. Saint Arena grants Challenge Tokens.

2. Daily Point rewards contain quite a few Challenge Tokens.

3. The end-of-day rewards given every night according your Saint Arena rank contains a lot of Challenge Tokens.

4. Challenge Tokens can be exchanged for all kinds of items and rare Saint Shards in the Honor Mall.


1. Participate in Galactic Arena to receive Honor each day.

2. There is a cap to the amount of Honor you can receive each week. The limit increases as you get promoted to higher Divisions.




1. You can give and receive Hearts with friends each day. Hearts can be exchanged for items in the Heart Shop.

2. Participate in Nightmare Escape 3 times every day.

3. When you have insufficient Stamina, you can still receive Hearts from Ancient Ruins, Dimensional Space and Titan Temple Startrail.

Note: the maximum number of Hearts you can receive per day is 500.


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