Obtaining Cosmo

May 21, 2019

Obtaining Cosmo

    Cosmo is the source of a Saint's power. Equipping Cosmo to a Saint greatly increases its attributes and combat prowess. Cosmo are divided into Solar Cosmo, Lunar Cosmo, Star Cosmo and Legendary Cosmo, each with different attributes. Mainly obtained via the following ways:


1. Buy from the shop

A and S class Cosmo become available for purchase in the Cosmo Shop at random. Some of them can be purchased for Gold and are great value for the strength they grant you.

2. Spend Stamina on Titan Temple Startrail to get many Cosmo

You get more and better Cosmo as you challenge higher floors. The type of Cosmo provided by the Titan Temple goes through a cycle from Monday to Sunday, so check out which Cosmo you need, and do Startrail on that day.

3. Legion Instance

All members of a legion will receive a Legion Instance progress reward when the boss' HP reaches 20%, 40%, 60% and 80%. These progress rewards contain large amounts of Cosmo Boxes. You get more and better Cosmo as you defeat harder legion instances.

4. Participate in the Legion Boss challenge

If the Legion Boss is killed, all members of the Legion receive a reward. The reward includes a large number of Cosmo Boxes containing many Cosmo. You get better Cosmo for more difficult bosses. The 10 players who deal the most damage against the legion boss will receive an additional rank reward, which contains a lot of Cosmo.

5. Daily Bounty

Daily Bounty can be claimed once per day and they mainly grant Cosmo. There are Cosmo rewards for defeating monsters and bosses, as well as for clearing the level. You get more and better Cosmo as your level increases. You also get more and better Cosmo when completing more difficult bounties.

6. Legion Commissions

Some legion commissions have Cosmo as a reward. Completing these quests will give you quite a few Cosmo Boxes. Open Cosmo Boxes to receive the Cosmo they contain. As the quest rewards are random, it all boils down to luck. But if you manage to get a quest with a Cosmo reward, it won't leave you disappointed.

7. Gift Packs

A variety of gift packs including ones with Cosmo are available from time to time, pay close attention to the Mall if you don't want to miss them.

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