AR: Saint Group Photo Introduction

May 21, 2019

Saint Group Photo Introduction

    Saint Group Photo is an AR function within Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac (Tencent), in which you can get closer to the Saints. Head into Saint Codex from the Codex menu. Then tap the AR Photo button in the top-right corner. You can also enter it by tapping and holding the main character in the main screen.

    Devices: iPhone 6S or better with iOS 11 system or later.

    Method 1: On the main screen, tap the “Codex” button in the bottom-left corner:



Then enter the Saint Codex menu and tap the “AR Photo” in the top-right corner.



Method 2: On the main screen, tap and hold the main character.




    In this AR function, you can, on a basic level, interact with the Saints you have collected. You can take photos and screenshots with them.



    From the main screen, tap and hold on the main character or tap the AR Summon button within the Saint Codex to enter the Summon menu. Then find a flat surface (for example, the ground or a table) and summon the Saint you want (you can only summon Saints you own). After that, use your finger to confirm its placement to enjoy your Saint in AR.



    You can change your camera and point of view as you see fit to give you the best AR experience. You can get closer to your Saint, and as you do so, the Saint also gets closer to you. You can also move behind your Saint to see its back, or move beside it. For a better experience and to let you take even better photos and videos. We’ve added various filters to the function, and you can order the Saint to make poses, to move, and you can enlarge or shrink it. All to give a more interactive AR feeling.

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