PVP: Saint Arena

May 21, 2019

Saint Arena


This is an offline ladder type PvP that is available all day. You get 5 challenge attempts when it is reset at 05:00 each day, and more attempts can be bought from the shop. You will be shown four random opponents, each displayed with their points and rank. Tapping on one of them lets you check detailed information, such as their lineup. If you unhappy with your four opponents, you can tap the “Refresh” button for a new set of opponents. You get 5 free refresh attempts per day and they also reset at 05:00, and more can be bought with Diamonds.


(Opponent selection screen. You can Refresh if you are unhappy with your opponents)


Find it by tapping the PvP button in the bottom right corner and then tapping the Saint Arena icon.




Each team consists of 6 Saints; you’ll have 2 energy during the 1st round, 4 during the 2nd, 6 during the 3rd, and 8 from the 4th round and onward. After each round, a 15% damage buff is applied to both teams.

In Saint Arena the attacker controls its Saints manually, whereas the defending player is offline and is controlled by AI. You can choose which skills to use and which target to attack. You can also choose whether you control your Saints manually or use Auto-mode. Auto battling goes quicker, but the AI might not act as strategically well as you would have done. The team which eliminates all enemy Saints, wins. If you surrender or force quit the game during a battle, it’ll be considered as your loss.



(Be sure to check your opponent’s lineup so that you can counter it)


You’ll get points on your performance, and it consists of seven divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Vanquishers, and Legendary. There is a great one-time reward the first time you reach a new division. You'll get points from each battle whether you win or lose, and doing so will let you complete daily quests.

You'll also get Challenge Tokens every day and every week in accordance with your division. Challenge Tokens are a valuable currency and can be exchanged for various rare items and rare Saints. Results will be tallied at 05:00 every Monday and rewards sent out. During this time, points will also be deducted at a certain percent, and a new week begins! Challenge Tokens can be exchanged for a multitude of useful items.



The daily victory rewards are great and it’s recommended you complete them all.


(Victory Reward)

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