PVP: Nightmare Escape

May 21, 2019

Nightmare Escape


The Saints have gotten stuck in a dream in which they have returned to a dream of their youth—Star Children Paradise. You may play as one of the 4 orphans (choose between the five strongest Bronze Saints), or as the butler Tokumaru Tatsumi. These five characters will then play a game of cat and mouse within the Star Child Paradise. The orphans have to avoid being caught by Tokumaru the whole time while they repair 4 clocks. But to awaken from their dreams, they also have to escape. Tokumaru has to catch the orphans. He can stun them with weapons and bind them upon a wooden horse. After a certain time upon the wooden horse, that orphan is stuck in the dream.




Butler (1 player), and orphans (multiple players) are divided up into different factions. They have different skills and traits (later versions will add a talent system for them).

Orphans win by repairing four clocks, then opening and escaping through the escape door. The butler wins by placing all orphans on wooden horses and hindering them from escaping the dream.

Tap [Legend] -> Nightmare Escape from the Lobby to play it. Then choose any of the factions to begin matchmaking. This mode cannot be joined as a team for the moment. Tap  image.png to check more detailed information.




1. When an orphan is attacked, its speed will increase for a short while, making it easier to escape the butler’s clutches.

2. A hurt orphan can be rescued and healed by his friends.



3. An orphan can still be saved by his teammates after being bound on a wooden horse; thereby escaping a dreadful fate.

4. When an orphan gets close enough to the butler, his heartbeat will quicken.

5. On locations with green arrow markers, orphans can use the Glance Over skill in the bottom left corner.



Every orphan possesses different abilities.

1. Hiding: While an orphan is hidden, the butler cannot see him. However, moving takes him out of hiding.

2. Traps: Orphans may place traps on the map; when the butler steps on them, he'll go unconscious for a short while.

3. Healing Potions: With these you can recover your health.



After having repaired the four clocks, it’s time to open and escape from the escape door. This takes the orphan out from the dream and leads to victory.

Tip: Clocks you are repairing will let out alarm sounds. After the escape door opens, the butler will get vision of all orphans, so escape as quickly as possible!


1. The butler can move faster than the orphans

2. The butler currently has 2 skills: Teleport (teleport to a specified location on the map) and Vision (view the players' location on the map for a short period of time).



3. After hitting a player twice, the butler will banish the player to the wooden horse at the center of the map. After successfully attacking an orphan, the butler will wave his weapon in the air out of joy, during which he cannot attack.



4. The butler can few the footprints of orphans in his field of vision.



Nightmare Escape is an asymmetrical survival game. Orphans should try to repair the clocks as quickly as possible, but they should be wary of the butler. The butler may choose to defend certain clocks, however, there are many more clocks than 4. That’s why the butler has to learn to act quickly and follow the footsteps of orphans and chase away those that make the alarms go off. Here follow a few tips:

1) There’s quite a bit of time between the butler’s attacks, so be sure to attack at the opportune moment.

2) Skills have cooldowns and can only be used a certain number of times, so use them wisely.

3) Orphans have to be attacked twice to be knocked down. Try to help wounded friends recover their health as quickly as possible.

4) If the butler sends an orphan onto the wooden horse, you can try to rescue them if the situation allows it; this is very important for attaining victory. However, when rescuing the damsel in distress, be sure to make a proper knight so that you do not get taken yourself as well. The best way is for someone to lure the butler away, so that others can rescue them.

5) As an orphan, don't be too scared when the butler appears. Learn how to use the environment to your advantage and fool the butler. When you're hindering the butler from taking you, the other orphans can take the chance to repair clock and open the escape door.

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