PVP: Sacred Duel

May 21, 2019

Sacred Duel

Sacred Duel is where you battle players from other servers, and is available all day. Find it via the PvP button in the Lobby or by signing up in Town. You use your own Saints and there will be three assist Saints every week. You can also spend Holy Land Tokens in the Sacred Shop for extra Sacred Duel Saints (these can only be used in the Sacred Duel). All Saints will have their strength adjusted during the Sacred Duel; their attributes will be different from normal and they differ from how you have trained them.




All Saints have had their strength adjusted, and the basic bonuses from Cosmo has been removed. Before you enter Matchmaking, you have to go and adjust your lineup settings, which can be accessed on the right side.


After you have set up your lineup, tap the Settings button on the left side to adjust their Cosmo and SPD settings. You can save a total of four different lineups.



After finishing this step, tap a Saint on the left side and then select a Legendary Cosmo with an appropriate effect from the right side (all Legendary Cosmo can be used). You will get a total of 200 SPD which you can allocate between your Saints as you see fit. Do so by dragging the Speed Bar on the right side.



Once your lineup is complete, tap the Matchmaking button in the Lobby and you’ll get matched against an opponent close to your strength. Matchmaking might take a minute, so please be patient.



You'll enter the battle after matchmaking is successful, and both players battle it out in real time against each other. You can choose between manual and auto battle. Each team consists of 6 Saints; you’ll have 2 energy during the 1st round, 4 during the 2nd, 6 during the 3rd, and 8 from the 4th round and onward. After each round, a 15% damage buff is applied to both teams. Winning grants points and losing deducts points. Point changes affect your division, and you can get promoted or demoted. Each division comes with its own rewards. The first time you reach a division you can claim a one-time reward. Do this from rewards on the right-hand side. Rewards can be claimed once per week.


Division Name

Points Required

First Promotion Reward



Gold + Saint EXP Potions



Gold + Common Astral Gems



Gold + Common Astral Gems + Saint   Shard x1



Gold + Common Astral Gems + Saint Shard x1



Gold + Common Astral Gems + Saint   Shard x2



Gold + Common Astral Gems + Saint Shard x2



Gold + Common Astral Gems + Saint   Shard x3


Taking part in Sacred Duel grants a currency exclusive to this game content—Holy Land Tokens. Holy Land Token can be used to buy Saints in the Sacred Shop. Saints purchased there can only be used in the Sacred Duel and only last for as long as their validity.

1. Basic battle rewards

Every battle grants Holy Land Tokens. The winner gets more than the loser. There’s a limit to the number of Holy Land Token you can get per week, and this limit changes depending on your division.



2. Weekly division rewards

You'll get rewards depending on your previous week's performance every Monday at 05:00. The rewards can be viewed by tapping on your division icon. These rewards will be sent by mail so don't forget to claim them.

3. Division promotion rewards

The first time you reach a division you can claim a one-time reward. Do this from rewards on the right-hand side. Rewards can be claimed once per week.

You can invite online friends to friendly matches in the Sacred Duel whenever you want (this can be done even when it is otherwise not available). You enter it from the right-hand side. You can only invite friends on your own server to friendly matches. Friendly matches grant no rewards, but give Saint Experience and are played purely for fun.


You can check your Sacred Duel rank on the left side of the menu. You are ranked based on your points and participants from all servers are displayed in the ranking. Tapping a player from within the ranking lets you check their PvP lineup and division.



Sharing battle results:

Open the Battle Recap menu by tapping the corresponding button on the right-hand side. There you can check your recent Galactic Duel battles. Apart from checking them yourself, you can also share recordings with your friends and in your legion. Hope you enjoy watching the battles play out!

Sharing division info:

Tap the Share button on the bottom left of the Lobby to share your current division info to social media platforms.


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