Leisure: Saint Temples

May 21, 2019

Saint Temples

Depending on their abilities, the different Saints are divided up into temples. Those excelling in healing belong to the Healer Temple while tanks belong to the Tank Alliance, etc. Each day, worshipers come with flowers, and they grant higher attribute bonuses to those giving them more flowers.



Saint Temples unlock at account level 28. Each Saint Temple consists of different Saints.

Saint Temples are capable of increasing your attributes. As the Star level of the Saint within a temple increase, so too does the attribute bonus this temple grants.



Giving flowers increases a Saint Temple's level. Attribute bonuses increase with each level.

You will automatically advance a temple after reaching the max level, after which you can continue to level it up. The more Saints collected in the temple, the higher the level the temple can be trained to. All temples begin at tier 1 and level 1. Saints of the same temple share the temple’s attribute training buffs.



Worshiping requires flowers. Different temples require different flowers and they can be obtained from the shop, various legion game content, and from Saint Quests. Flowers you obtain will be saved in your Inventory. Flower Boxes have to be opened for you to get the flowers within.

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