Legion: Legion Instances

May 21, 2019

Legion Instances

    In legion instances, all members join together to defeat the boss which protects it. There are a total of 18 stages, and the difficulty increases with each one. These can be challenged solo or in a party. Find it by heading to Legion - Legion Instance.


(Legion Instance)

    Legion members may challenge the boss in parties of three, or solo, as the battle requires a total of 6 deployed Saints. Every member may challenge it 3 times per day. The damage dealt by all members stack, and when the boss’ HP drops to 0, it has been defeated and the next stage is unlocked. Tap on the bottom right corner of the instance's main menu to check member progress and how many challenges each member has issued.

    By checking the boss details, you can also check the current damage ranking for all members, as well as the boss’ skills and your legion's challenge progress. If your lineup consists of Saints that the boss is weak against, then its strength will be lessened. Boss Features gives you information regarding the boss as well as tips for how to defeat it. By altering your lineup depending on the boss, you can defeat it much quicker.


(Boss Details)

    After a boss has been killed, all members will get rewards, which include Gold, Diamonds, Legion Tokens, Legion Medals, Legion Funds and Legion Conquest Orders. Members will also get an additional reward depending on their damage at 05:00 the following day. This reward will be sent by mail.

Instance Rules

    There are a total of 18 stages. Completing one stage unlocks the next one, and all instance progress resets at the beginning of each month. Every member can challenge the boss 3 times per day. Battles can be done in 3-member parties. Your party will have 4 energy on round 1 and 2; 6 energy on round 3 and 4; 8 energy on the remaining rounds.

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