Legion: Legion Boss

May 21, 2019

Legion Boss

    The legion boss is a powerful entity from Another Dimension. It disturbs the Sanctuary’s peace at a set time each day. Currently the only enemy that has been seen is Inferno Cerberus. Defeating it grants great rewards.


(Boss availability time settings)

    Legion commanders can adjust the availability time. It is recommended to adjust the time of the day to when your legion has the most players online. The boss exists for one hour and every player can challenge it three times. The damage dealt during each challenge adds up. If you manage to kill the boss, it will become more powerful for the next day. It gains strength depends on how legion members fared during the first day when you killed it. So the difficulty of the boss changes dynamically according to the actual strength of the legion, rather than having a set difficulty.

    The first time a new legion challenges the boss, it will gain strength in accordance the strength of all legion members.



(Boss Details)

    Before challenging the boss, it is possible to perform Inspiration, each granting +5% ATK and to inspect its kill progress. The boss’ HP and level is displayed at the top, and the remaining time to the top right. The boss is Inferno Cerberus. Tap on skill icons on the upper right corner of the HP bar to view its skills.


(Boss Skills)

    Every time the boss is killed, it will drop Advanced Cosmo and Flower Boxes. Legion Tokens, Enchant Locks, Experience and Advanced Cosmo Chests (with a higher chance for advanced Cosmo) are awarded after each battle. You may also obtain Legion Funds and Legion Medals.


(Reward Details)

Battle Rules

    The boss can only be challenged solo. You can use up to 6 Saints. You have 4 energy on round 1 and 2; 6 energy on round 3 and 4; 8 energy on the remaining rounds. Each player may only challenge it 3 times per day. Each challenge has a set amount of time. After the battle ends, there is a 10 second waiting time.

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