System: Legions

May 21, 2019


        A legion is where players with the same ideals join together. Reach level 14 to join a legion. You can choose whether to join an existing one or to create your own. Being part of a legion gives you access to new game content and great rewards.

Joining a Legion



        Browse the Legion List (or enter a legion name/ID in the top left to search) for a suitable legion, and then tap Apply in the bottom right corner to join it. You can also write in an application message (raises your chances of being accepted). If you do not see any legion you wish to join, you can tap on Refresh, or you can tap the Quick Join button to quickly find a legion.



        You can apply to up to three legions at any one time. If you find another one you would rather join, you can cancel your previous applications. After applying, you have to wait for the legion commander to accept you.

Creating A Legion

        If you do not find a legion you wish to join, you can also create a legion of your own. Tapping Create Legion on the right-side of the legion menu takes you to the legion creation menu. Enter a legion name as well as a legion motto and pay a 500 Diamond fee to create your legion.



(Legion Creation Menu)

Legion Game Content

        Joining a legion gives you access to legion exclusive game content: Legion Aid, Legion Rewards, Uncharted Lands, Legion Boss, and the Legion Shop. Taking part in these grants large amounts of rewards.


(Legion Game Content)

Legion Buildings

        Legion buildings include: Legion Hall, Legion Treasury, Legion Barracks and Legion Territory. When members complete daily Legion Quests, they gain Legion Funds. These Legion Funds can be used to upgrade buildings, which unlocks more bonuses.



Legion Members

        While in a legion, you can view other legion members’ information. Legion members of management positions can approve join requests and change member privileges.

Legion Info

        Displays information regarding your legion, including its level, active members, legion funds, etc.


(Legion Info Menu)

Legion Commander Transfer

        Every legion can have 1 commander, up to 4 vice commanders, and a certain number of elite members. If the legion commander is offline for more than 5 days in a row, the legion commander position will be transferred to a vice commander. The rewards gained by legion members differ depending on their position.

Legion Bonus

        The Legion gets Legion Medals when Legion members take part in various legion game content. The legion commander can exchange this for Chronos Stamina, Material Buffs, Bonus Boxes and other useful items in the Legion Shop. When players gain Legion Funds and Medals, the legion gains a corresponding amount of Contribution. Weekly Pack rewards grant rewards according to the legion’s contribution.

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