Sagitta Ptolemy

May 17, 2019

Sagitta Ptolemy


CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko

Rating: B

Role: Hidden Attack, Golden Arrow



Capable of pinning down his opponents with innumerable phantom arrows, only to finish them off with a single Golden Arrow. He was ordered by the Grand Pope to kill Saori Kido. It was then that the legend of the Bronze Saints entering the Twelve Temples of the Sanctuary to remove the Golden Arrow was born.


Skill Analysis

Phantom Arrow: Basic attack, 0 cost


         Deals 100% (105%/110%/115%/120%) P.DMG to 1 enemy.

Passive skill - Hidden Archer: 0 cost


Every one of your actions has a 40% (45%/50%/55%/60%) chance of making you go into hiding. Your next action breaks Hidden.

Ghost Golden Arrow: Single-target attack, 2 cost


Fires a Golden Arrow at 1 enemy, dealing 160% (170%/180%/190%/200%) P.DMG. Three rounds later, the arrow pierces their heart and deals an additional 270% (280%/290%/300%/310%) P.DMG (the Golden Arrow disappears when Ptolemy dies).



Ptolemy’s damage takes time to trigger as there is a three-round delay. Which is why he needs support to work his magic. Seeing as he is a B-class damage dealer, training him is usually not the best option.



Red: Fire Drop (P.ATK & P.Crit)

Yellow: Tenacity (HP & P.DEF)

Blue: Staunch (P.Crit Level)


Special Cosmo: Daffodil (gain 1% P.ATK for every 1% of your missing HP)


  He has very high damage multipliers and multiple attacks will make him a real thorn in the enemy’s side. Attack Cosmo are recommended, and as he is a B-class card and is not very likely to be focused down, which makes it decently easy for him to attain victory even when the opponent thinks you beaten.



Recommended lineup: Kiki + Sagitta Ptolemy + Crow Jamian + Cassios + Black Andromeda + Eagle Marin.


  Due to Ptolemy's delay when dealing damage, he requires a team which can stay standing through long-winding battles. As he has the ability to become Hidden, June’s links aren’t as useful, which is why I chose Cassios + two healers for sustainability. Black Andromeda whose mechanisms are similar to that of Ptolemy, will be able to help him.



  In most circumstances there’s no real need to focus down Ptolemy. As his damage is delayed, you should focus on the other damage dealers first and leave Ptolemy for last.


Grand Pope's Minion (Crow Jamian, Sagitta Ptolemy): P.ATK +1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%.

Goddess Chaser (Sagitta Ptolemy, Grand Pope, Capricorn Shura): HP +1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%.

Ranged Attack (Sagitta Ptolemy, Andromeda Shun, Cerberus Dante, Chameleon June): P.ATK +1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%.

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