Centaurus Babel

May 17, 2019

Centaurus Babel


CV: Sugita Tomokazu

Rating: B

Role: Extra Burn, Blazing Detonation


The Silver Saint with the most powerful flames. Legend has it the powerful Red Lotus Fire is capable of enveloping the earth in flames. In the end, he was no match for Hyoga, and Athena’s Cosmo expelled the evil from him and he died with a smile on his lips.


Skill Analysis

Fire Vortex Punch: Basic attack, burn, 0 cost

Attacks 1 enemy dealing 40% (45%/50%/55%/60%) C.DMG, and 1 other random enemy. Both attacks have about a 40% chance (+Inflict Status Chance) to apply 1 stack of Burn. Burn effects can stack, and each stack deals 50% C.DMG (lasts for 2 rounds).

Tip: During the first rounds when both teams are low on energy, applying Burn is a great way to dish out extra damage and chip away at the enemy’s HP.


Red Lotus Fire: Seventh Sense Awakening skill, single-target burn, 1 cost

Deals 130% (140%/150%/160%/170%) C.DMG to 1 target and triggers the Burn effect on all enemy targets (while in a party, you will only trigger Burn effects applied by your Saints).

Tip: Even if he is focused on dealing high single-target damage, he can help his team by dealing tremendous damage. If a teammate applies Burn effects to all enemy units, then this skill will trigger these for high damage.


Passive skill - Will of Flame: Burn, 0 cost

Increases the chance for your basic attacks to apply Burn by 40% (45%/45%/50%/55%), and increases Burn damage by 25% (25%/50%/50%/55%).

Tip: A very useful passive which greatly increases the chance to apply Burns while also increasing Burn damage. This skill greatly increases Babel’s damage.




Babel is a support damage dealer, and his Red Lotus Fire which triggers extra Burns on all enemy targets makes him perfect when paired with Phoenix Ikki, whose basic attacks apply Burn. Another choice is to stack Burns and then let Ikki deal burst AoE damage. Alone, Babel’s damage is decent but not outstanding, which is why he requires a lineup which capitalizes on his strengths. He should work together with his teammates to take down enemy targets.



Red: Eagle Eye (C.ATK & C.DMG Multiplier)

Yellow: Dual Defense (P.DEF & C.DEF)

Blue: New Moon (P.DEF & SPD)


Eagle Eye increases Babel’s damage, his Burn damage and chance to apply Burn. Dual Defense greatly increases his defensive capabilities. Babel is meant to provide support, so rather than building him for extreme burst damage, a bit of survivability is usually to be preferred.

Special Cosmo: Mandala (reduces damage taken by 15%)


Lowering both of your enemy’s defenses via debuffs makes it possible to deal higher damage. The increased HP also grants better survivability.



As Babel’s damage mostly revolves around triggering Burn, he should be coupled with other Saints capable of applying Burn, such as Ikki. These lineups tend to be rather limited, and usually require much energy. For example: support + control + Centaurus Babel + Phoenix Ikki.



Babel mostly relies on triggering Burn effects for damage, which makes him predictable. Him relying on only himself to apply Burn will never be enough, so he'll always appear in teams with other Saints that can apply Burn. He doesn’t have any skills making him immune to controls, which makes him a good target for just that. After which you can start by killing off the Saints supporting him, making it difficult for Babel to deal proper damage.


Silver Chaser (Kaitos Moses): C.ATK +1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%.

Beast of Greek Mythology (Scylla Io, Cerberus Dante): HP +1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%.

Silver Assault (Eagle Marin, Kaitos Moses, Hound Asterion): C.ATK +1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, 5%.

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