Guide for Clearing Ancient Ruins Floor 7

Apr 12, 2019

Guide for Clearing Ancient Ruins Floor 7

1. Floors:

The Ancient Colossus' skills have been changed from how they were in floor 6. It will now have the following skills:

1) Rock Pound: Deals 180% P.DMG to an enemy and inflicts one stack of Bleed.

2) Landslide: Deals 100% P.DMG to all enemies and inflicts one stack of Bleed.

3) Divide and Conquer: When Ancient Colossus drops below 70% HP, it will split into four small statues (they will merge into a Colossus again when their total HP drops below 50%). The small statues' basic attacks have a chance to inflict one stack of Bleed.

The Ancient Colossus of this floor stacks Bleed. Bleed can stack up to 5 times, dealing damage equal to 1/6/15/31/57% of the target's max HP. Inflicting Bleed again before the previous Bleed has run out refreshes the duration. The key to completing this floor is to defeat the boss as quickly as possible to prevent Bleeds from stacking up. If you allow the Bleeds to stack up, they will deal a considerable amount of damage to you. You also need to prepare a good healer. Clearing this floor is a lot easier with a tankier team.



2. Strategy:

1) As the clear conditions require you to clear the floor in 6 rounds, you need a strong damage-oriented lineup.

2) As one of the clear conditions requires you to have at least 2 Saints with 50% HP remaining, and now that the Ancient Colossus and the small statues can inflict Bleed, having a healer on your team is a necessity. Since you only need 2 Saints with more than 50% HP, a single-target healer may suffice.

3) Since Ancient Colossus splits into smaller statues, it's recommended to include a Saint with powerful AoE damage in your lineup.

3. Recommended Lineup: Kiki + Sextans Luna + Pegasus Seiya + Scylla Io + Unicorn Jabu + Eagle Marin

Use the same attack strategy as the one for floor 6. The biggest difference is the Colossus' increased attributes and its bleeds. It deals higher damage so your healer needs to be of a higher level and have better Cosmo.

4. Cosmo

It is recommended to use [Tenacity] as your Lunar Cosmo, since Ancient Colossus deals physical damage. This also gives you enough HP to survive. Your other Cosmo should be of as high a level as possible. When it comes to your healer's Cosmo, choose ones that increase its Healing to guarantee your HP stays high enough to survive the fight. If your support Saints are low level and have weak Cosmo, consider using Mandala or Hephaestus' Armor as their Legendary Cosmo to increase their survivability. You also need one Marsh Fairy on your team.

5. Battle

Try to deal as much single-target damage as possible to trigger the split early. As you need to have 2 Saints with 50% remaining HP to clear this floor, you need to pay attention to your main damage dealers' HP. If they are inflicted with multiple stacks of Bleed, don't forget to save some energy for your healer.

6. Replacing Saints

1) Io can be replaced by another high single-target damage Saint, such as Scorpio Milo, Golden Arrow Seiya, etc.

2) Jabu can be replaced by another high AoE damage Saint, such as Phoenix Ikki, Cassiopeia Erda, Aquarius Camus, Leo Aiolia, etc.

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