Guide for Clearing Astral Space on Normal

Apr 12, 2019

Guide for Clearing Astral Space on Normal

You can challenge Astral Space on Normal after completing it on Easy. The levels on Normal are the same as those on Easy, but each boss has a few new mechanics.


Level 1 - Power to Change the Stars

The boss of this level greatly reduces the attack of all of your Saints (cannot be purified). On the other hand, its skill “Meteor Toss” has been enhanced, and after meeting certain conditions, it will heal the boss for large amounts of HP. So for this floor we no longer recommend two different strategies like on Easy mode.


It is recommended to use Saints who rely on their high HP to ensure a constant damage output, such as Aldebaran and Shion. Decreasing their attack power does not stop them from dealing high damage. They are very tanky, too, preventing the boss from healing itself. It's also recommended to use at least one healer. Keep the whole team's HP as high as possible, so that the boss cannot heal itself.

After beating the first level, you will be presented with a selection screen where you can choose a buff for your team. It will appear once again when you clear the second level. You may select 2 out of the 6 buffs to strengthen your party, making it easier for you to attain victory.


Level 2 - Shell of Dispute

This level's final boss works the same as on Easy, but it has increased attributes. It can be beaten using the same strategy.


After clearing it, you will be presented with a second buff selection screen. Choose your buffs and get ready to challenge the third level!

Level 3 - Astrology Guardian

For this boss, you will need to plan how many attacks you are going to launch. Like on Easy, the 3 balls correspond to the boss' 3 skills, each with different special effects. Choose which skill to defend against according to your own lineup. The boss has a new skill, Celestial Gathering, which is not there in Easy. This triggers as soon as its HP reaches a certain amount. Celestial Gathering summons a temporary black hole, and your Saints with less than 50% HP will be unable to deal damage while it is active.


Similar to Level 1, a healer is a must-have. Otherwise your Saints with less than 50% HP can't deal any damage as long as there is a black hole. But I'll teach you a little trick for this floor. You can try to control the boss's HP through a careful combination of Saints, so that it stops just above the point where it will trigger the first Celestial Gathering. At this point, try to instakill it in one round. Even if you fail to do so, you may manage to reduce its HP below two or more black hole triggering points, circumventing a difficult part of the fight.

Defeating the boss means you have completed Astral Space on Normal, and the Elite difficulty will be unlocked.

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