Training Saints

Jun 11, 2019

Training Saints


Once you've acquired the Saint of your dreams, you'll itch to begin training it. But how do you actually make it stronger?



Have the Saint join battles and it’ll earn experience, and then spend this experience to level it up. Leveling up a Saint increases its basic attributes such as HP, ATK and P.DEF (SPD doesn’t increase with level).




Once your Saint reaches its current level cap, you have to increase its Star level by Enlightening it, before you can level it up further. Enlightening increases a Saint’s Star level by one. Each Saint can be Enlightened 4 times; this also increases its basic attributes.

At Saint level 20: It costs 2 Growth Tomes or 2-Star Saints to go from 2 Stars to 3 Stars.

At Saint level 40: It costs 3 Growth Tomes or 3-Star Saints to go from 3 Stars to 4 Stars.

At Saint level 60: It costs 4 Growth Tomes or 4-Star Saints to go from 4 Stars to 5 Stars.

At Saint level 70: It costs 4 Growth Tomes or 5-Star Saints to go from 5 Stars to 6 Stars.

After a Saint reaches its level cap, head into the Intensify Saint menu by tapping Enlighten in the Functions menu on the left-hand side.



Seventh Sense Awakening:

You can awaken a Saint’s Seventh Sense by spending Awakening materials. Doing so increases its attributes and unlocks its Awakening Skill. The cost of Awakening is different for Saints of different levels. Awakening materials can be gained from the material instance—Dimensional Space. Tap on the Awakening button in the Functions menu on the left-hand side. Once you have all of the materials, tap the button in the middle to Awaken your Saint.




You level up a Saint’s skills by spending additional cards of that Saint or Growth Tomes. The cost is the same as your current skill level, i.e. Lv. 1 → Lv. 2 costs 1 Saint/Skill Tome, Lv. 3 → Lv. 4 costs 3 Saints/Skill Tomes.





Every Saint has a number of Links, and by collecting all other Saints of their Links you unlock additional attributes. Partners who have made strong bonds also have a chance to provide aid in battle (does not work in PvP).




Cosmo are classified as Solar, Lunar, Star and Special. Choose which Cosmo to use depending on your Saint; this is one of the main ways of increasing their strength. Cosmo can also be Enchanted and leveled up to make them even stronger.



Saint Temples:

Giving Flowers to Saints levels up its Temple; each level grants additional attributes.



These are currently the main ways of training your Saints. Have you prepared yourself?

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