How to acquire more Saints

May 24, 2019

How to acquire more Saints


When playing through the tutorial, you will get 4 initial Saints: Seiya, Nachi, Jabu and Shiryu. These 4 Saints will form your most basic lineup. After you finish some more Stories and Bonus Stories, you will get Eagle Marin, who is a healer. After that, more Saints can be obtained through summoning and by combining Shards. Redundant Saints can be used to upgrade skills or salvaged in exchange for Gold.


Saint Summoning

Summoning is the quickest way to obtain new Saints. By spending Astral Gems, you get a Saint of random quality (B-SS). A summoned Saint is a whole card and does not grant Shards.



Combining Shards

You have the chance to obtain Saint Shards when you participate in different game content. Once you have collected enough Shards, you can combine them into a whole Saint via the Crafting menu. Crafting can be accessed in the bottom-right corner of the Saint Management menu. Different number of Shards are required for combining different classes of Saints. S Class (120), A Class (90), B Class (60), C Class (30).

Saint Shards can be obtained from Daily Events.


(Saint Crafting)

The main ways of gaining Saint Shards are as follows:

1. Saint Quests: unlocked when you complete the bonus story. These quests grant certain Saint Shards.

2. Grand Pope's Treasures: the treasures grant random Saint Shards.

3. Daily Bounty: grants random Saint Shards.

4. Mystical Treasures: grants random Saint Shards.

5. Trials of Athena: grants Growth Tome Shards.

6. Great Adventure: grants random Saint Shards.

7. Legion Aid: members of a legion can exchange Saint Shards through Legion Aid. You must possess the complete Saint card or at least one Shard in order to initiate an aid.

8. Legion Commissions: grants random high-level Saint Shards.

9. Reward chests from other quests may contain random Saint Shards.

10. Buying from the Shop: Random Saint Shards appear in the Legion Shop, Honor Shop and Item Mall.

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