New Player Guide: Unlocking Game Content

May 21, 2019

Unlocking Game Content

    New game content is unlocked as you reach higher levels. Your account level is displayed next to your avatar.

After completing the first story chapter, Leaving Greece, you are level 2, and that’s when Summon, Growth and Main Quests unlock.


You can unlock more game content by completing story and bonus   stories.




Saint Growth

Upon   reaching level 2

You   can train Saints here

Quests menu

Upon   reaching level 2

Main   story entrance

Story button

Clear   the story [Galaxian Wars]


Upon   reaching level 2

Obtaining   Saints


Clear   the story [Galaxian Wars]

Save   preset lineups

Bonus story

Clear   the story [Galaxian Wars]

Bonus   story instances


Clear   the story [Galaxian Wars]

Campaign   entrance (same as bonus story and material instance)

Story game   mode

Clear   the third story chapter

Story   entrance

Skip battle preparations

Clear   the story [Duels of the Galaxian Wars]

Battle speed up

Clear the bonus volume 1


Clear bonus volume 1

Multiplayer   maps

Saint quest

Clear the bonus volume 3.1

Use   Stamina to interact with Saints for rewards

Seventh Sense

Clear the forth story chapter

Unlocking   Seventh Sense Awakening skills

Dimensional Space

Clear the forth story chapter

Awakening   material instance

Tip: All story and bonus story chapters are unlocked by completing   the previous chapter and meeting the level requirements.


Here follow the level requirements for unlocking the various game content.


Level Required

Account Level



Level 5


Add friends and talk   with each other


Party up and challenge   various instances together


Buy all kinds of rare   items

Level 7

Penguin Battle entrance

Watch pro players and   learn from them

Level 10

Pack Shop

Buy various rebate cards

Skin Shop

Lets you buy various   beautiful skins

Level 11


Complete achievements   for rewards

Activity Reward

Complete daily quests   for activity rewards. Activity can also be used to upgrade Training Grounds

Level 12

Unlock daily events

Daily events

Level 13

The fifth lineup

PvP Entrance

Take part in PvP battles

Saint Arena

Offline PvP battles

Level 14


Play together with other   like-minded players

Unlocks upon joining a   legion

Legion Commissions,   Dispatch, Aid and Legion Rewards

3x battle speed up

Enables you to speed up   battles further

Level 15

Trials of Athena

PvE battle where you   clear stages
  (5 times/day)

Virgo Shaka's Quiz

Quiz only available on   weekends

Nightmare Escape

Asymmetric multiplayer   PvP

Level 16

Training Grounds

Store excess Stamina.   Can be leveled up with Activity

Training Arena

Saint training guide

Level 17

Grand Pope's Treasures

Use treasure maps to   find rewards

Legion Aid

Legion members can   exchange Saint Shards with each other

Level 18

Galactic Duel

Limited time PvP

Elite Training

A more difficult version   of the Training Arena

Level 19

Mystical Treasures

The Saint’s Gold Mine

Great Adventure

Available at certain   times of the day; monopoly-style game

Level 20

Sacred Duel

Cross-server matchmaking

Legion Conquest

Test your mettle against   other legions


Salvage excess Saints   for Gold

Level 21


Attain and use various   Cosmo

Titan Temple

An instance granting   Cosmo materials

Level 22

Story Mode

Experience the great   moments of the manga

Level 23

Daily Bounty

Grants large amounts of   Cosmo

Level 24

Legion Boss

Open at a certain time   of the day. Legion members join together to fight a boss

Level 25

Enchant Cosmo

Strengthen your Cosmo to   increase their attributes

Level 26

Legion War

Join multiplayer battles   with many players

Level 27

Astral Cycle

Party mode available   between 12:00 - 24:00 every day

Level 28

Saint Temples

Give Flowers to Saints   in exchange for attribute bonuses


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