PVE: Trials of Athena

May 21, 2019

Trials of Athena

Quest intro:

In order to keep an eye on the Saints’ growth, Athena designed a trial for them. Her trial takes you to climb the holy mountain, but she forgot to add an end to it. You gain more rewards and honor the higher you manage to climb.

Quest entrance:

Tap the Trials of Athena icon in the Daily Event menu.



Quest rules:

    The holy mountain contains an endless number of floors and each flour consists of 4 stages. You must clear these 4 to reach the next floor.

    Every stage can be challenged as a Trial of Courage and a Trial of Justice; if both are active, then both has to be completed for you to clear that stage. You also cannot use the same Saint for these challenges. For example, if you use a Saint in the Trial of Courage, this Saint cannot be used for that stage’s Trial of Justice. Athena will grant different buffs in each type of challenge to assist you. If only one of the trials is activated, you only have to complete that one to reach the next floor. 

    Your challenge attempts are reset each day and you get 5 new ones. Every challenge cost 1 attempt. You can sweep already completed stages for 1 attempt. You can also buy extra attempts each day for Diamonds.





Quest rewards:

    Every stage you clear grants Diamonds. Sweeping stages grants Saint Experience, Tome Shards and Cosmo.


(Sweep Reward)


(First-Clear Reward)

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