PVE: Daily Bounty

May 21, 2019

Daily Bounty

The Sanctuary issues bounty quests every day. Complete these for great rewards (Cosmo). You receive different bounty quests each day. Find them by tapping the Daily button and then choosing Daily Bounty; or via the announcement board in Town.


Daily Bounty is divided up into Cloth Cemetery, Poseidon’s Trident, Astrological Dreamland and Star Trial. The bounty quests differ from each day and they reset at 05:00 every morning. You can take on several each day, but you only get rewards for one, after which you'll only get Hearts.


Tap a bounty’s picture to view detailed information or to change the difficulty. Daily Bounty mainly grants Cosmo and Cosmo intensifying materials. This is one of the main ways of obtaining Cosmo.



You get rewards for the first bounty you complete per day and for helping others. The first clear of the day grants a first-clear reward, and subsequent clears grant Hearts. There is a limit to the number of Hearts you can receive per day. Progress does not affect rewards. Cloth Cemetery, Poseidon's Trident, and Star Trial grant bonus rewards if you participate in a team.

Instance progress:

Everyone’s instance progress will be remembered. Upon entering the instance, you begin from where your captain last left off. If the progress of members and the captain are different, members have to agree to that before the instance begins.

Daily Bounty quest instances are like small-scale instances. You have to talk with NPCs to trigger quests, and their dialog may contain vital information, so don't slack off!

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