PVE: Story Mode

May 21, 2019

Story Mode

Quest intro:

The story mode takes you back to the greatest moments of the manga and gives you another way of experiencing their battles. Every stage shows you a video from the manga and lets you relive the most classic moments. It almost feels like you're re-reading the manga once again!




You can find it in the Lobby a bit below and to the left of Summon.




The battles are solo PvE ones and grant a one-time reward. You can challenge them as many times as you wish, but they only grant rewards the first time you complete them. You'll find stories of more Saints the further in the story you reach.




Grants Saint Shards and other rewards. Whenever you level up Friendliness, you'll also gain Saint Shards and other rewards (this segment isn’t important, and Friendship won't be added to this part).


(Also grants attribute bonuses)

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