Leiure: Training Grounds

May 21, 2019

Training Grounds

With Training Grounds, you can increase your Stamina cap; you can also save excess Stamina. You can also claim various rewards depending on the level of your Training Grounds. Higher leveled Training Grounds grant better rewards. You find it via Menu -> Training -> Training Grounds in the bottom left part of the Lobby and it unlocks at level 16.



Training Grounds level

The Training Grounds grant more rewards at higher levels. You can level it up by using Activity. Activity can be gained from Daily Quests (you can check how to get Activity from within the Daily menu). Once you have enough Activity, tap the Level Up button and watch the magic unfurl.

Increasing the level of your Training Grounds increases your Stamina cap as well as your Stamina storage conversion rate. It also enables you to claim better rewards.

Storing Stamina

When you get Stamina while at maximum Stamina, it will be stored in your Training Grounds. You can claim this stored Stamina manually (slide the button on the Stamina bar to choose how much to claim).

There is a limit to the amount of stored Stamina you can have, after which you won't gain any more. You can claim stored Stamina later on and it increases with time. Stored Stamina is gained at a slow rate, and you will get 1 Stamina for every tick.

Stamina is stored according to a conversion rate. For example, at level 15, the conversion rate is 35%, which means that 35 Stamina will be stored in your Training Grounds for every 100 excess Stamina you get.

Training Grounds Rewards

You can claim a reward every 15 minutes while online. The number of times this reward can be claimed depends on the level of your Training Grounds level. Rewards mainly include Training Chests and Chronos Stamina. Chronos Stamina has a storage limit of 100 and can be used in Dimensional Space, Titan Temple, and Ancient Ruins. Spending Chronos Stamina grants twice the rewards for twice the cost. It can be activated below your Avatar.

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