Legion: Legion Aid

May 21, 2019

Legion Aid

Legion members may exchange Saint Shards with each other via Legion Aid so that they can acquire the Saints they yearn for faster.


Tap on Legion - Legion Aid. You can view the Saints that other legion members want from the Lobby. Beneath each of the different Saint avatars, you can see the requested quantity and how many you own. Tap a Saint's avatar to choose whether or not you want to fulfill that member's wish.


(Legion Aid Menu)


Tap the Aid button on the bottom right corner while in the menu to issue a wish. If you have already issued a wish on this day, your progress is displayed instead. Select the Saint you yearn for and then issue your wish; after which you just have to wait for other Saints to fulfill it. You have to own the Saint or at least one Saint shard to issue a wish for it. You can make one wish per day. The number of Shards you obtain per wish depends on the Saint’s quality.


(Personal Wish Menu)


If a player fulfills your wish, then you'll get some Saint Shards. Collecting enough Saint Shards of a Saint enables you to summon it. Exchange shards with other legion members to speed up the pace at which you get the Saints you want. Fulfilling the wishes of other legion members grants you Legion Contribution Tokens and Gold.

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