Privilege Groupbuy (Buy 1 Get 2 Free)

Jun 08, 2021

Privilege Groupbuy (Buy 1 Get 2 Free)

Time: 06/08-06/13


1. During the event, after purchasing any one item, the next purchase becomes [Buy 1 Get 2 Free]. 

2. After activating [Buy 1 Get 2 Free], the next purchase will automatically apply this effect: purchase a product and get 2 identical items for free. 

3. Purchases reset every morning at 05:00, so the items available for purchase remain the same every day of the event. 

4. Buy 1 Get 2 Free is available once per day, and it also resets at 05:00 every morning. This discount does not carry over to the next day, so if you activate one, use it before the day is over!


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