Saint Seiya Monthly Subscription Guide:

Apr 12, 2019

Saint Seiya Monthly Subscription Guide

        Greetings, young Saints! Some of you may feel underpowered as you are just starting out. Apart from farming your guts out, spending a reasonable amount of money may serve to alleviate this. So what gives you the most bang for your buck in Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac? Let me show you how a small amount of money can go a long way!

Here follows a list of the most cost-effective ways to spend money in the game:



I. Rebate Card



Rebate cards can be purchased in [Mall] -> [Packs] -> [Rebate Card] menu.

Rebate cards are divided into 3 categories: Astral Gem Rebate Cards, Diamond Rebate Cards and Skin Voucher Rebate Cards.

Rebate cards are divided into 2 plans: 7-Days and 30-Days.

1.First let's talk about Diamond Rebate Cards: Diamonds are the most valuable currency in game, so naturally Diamond Rebate Cards are what you should get first. You can use the Diamonds you receive to buy Stamina, level up faster and acquire resources.

30-Day Rebate Card: This is one of the most cost-effective ways of obtaining Diamonds. You will receive the following content:



¥30 grants you 1,500 Diamonds over the course of a month, which is 5x the amount of Diamonds compared to when buying them directly. It really adds up as long as you log in and play every day.

Apart from Diamonds, you will also receive an Avatar Frame. There is a different Avatar Frame every month! See below:



7-Day Rebate Card: The 7-Day rebate card is priced at ¥128. Once purchased, you can claim rewards on each of the 7 following days. It's also known as a week card. You will receive the following content:



A week card grants a total of 1,540 Diamonds, along with possible additional Diamonds. You can see that it's not as cost-effective as the 30-day card, so buy it only if you can afford it.

2. Now let's take a look at the Astral Gem rebate cards: If you already have a certain lineup in mind but haven't been able to get your 

hands on the right Saints yet, then you can't do without Astral Gems. However, buying Astral Gems directly is quite expensive. In this case, an Astral Gem rebate card could be a good investment for you. This gives you a constant source of Astral Gems, which enables you to summon more Saints, increasing the probability of getting the ones you seek. Of course, judging by recent updates, a limited-time pool of cards will become available every month. It's not a bad deal to purchase an Astral Gem Monthly Card and use them for just that. Decide whether to buy one based on your own needs。

II. Limited Discounts

Limited discount sales usually refer to limited packs which can be purchased directly.

Out of these, I'd recommend the Weekly Ultra Gamer Pack above all others. It is a limited time pack that can only be purchased once per week.



The Ultra Gamer Pack becomes available every weekend and contains a huge amount of Stamina for a low cost. Most paying players choose to purchase it, which is why it can only be bought once per week. It's recommended to purchase this when you're starting out, or you might end up lagging far behind other players.

Let's see what this pack has to offer:




The ¥12 Pack contains 150 Stamina and 12 Chronos Stamina, and the ¥30 pack contains 400 Stamina and 32 Chronos Stamina.

Buying the pack lets you autoplay through the weekend to level up your Saints and your account so that you won't lag too far behind other players.

III. Stamina

Stamina is the game's main resource, as most other resources are obtained by spending Stamina. This makes buying Stamina is a minor necessity. For monthly subscription players, it's recommended to buy Stamina 3-4 times a day. Between levels 20-30, you can obtain around 170 Diamonds each day simply by claiming various in-game rewards. If we then also take the 50 Diamonds from our monthly card into account, buying Stamina around 3 times per day is the sweet spot. Couple that with purchasable 2x buffs and you can grow at a rapid speed.


IV. Graude Growth Fund

The Graude Growth Fund is a long-term investment. The fund's level increases depending on the amount of time you spend in the game, and so do the rewards. If you plan to play this game for a long time, then buying the Growth Fund gives you the most Diamonds for your money, hands down.

The Growth Fund has two plans, a ¥30 one and a ¥60 one. You can see the ¥60 plan after purchasing the ¥30 one.





You can claim 300 Diamonds upon reaching level 15. You can buy the first plan after reaching level 15, and you can claim the 300 Diamonds immediately without losing anything that comes after.

You can claim 500 Diamonds by level 35. The second plan can be bought when you are around level 35.

As a final reminder, gaming is like going to the movies or traveling, you do it to have fun. There will always be a whales who can get stronger than you. Take entertainment in moderation and spend within reason. What matters is your happiness!

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